Fox Switches Up Release Dates

Later this year Fox was all set to release Alita: Battle Angel on December 21st.  The key word being “was,” because according to a report put out by Deadline on Friday, Fox used the Robert Rodriguez directed film as the first domino that toppled over and caused a change of release dates for several of their upcoming films.

Alita: Battle Angel is now been set to be released next year on February 14th.  If that date seems familiar that’s because it belonged to the next installment in the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix – which now has a release date of June 7th of 2019.  However, that date was previously held by a different X-Men property, Gambit, which now has been pushed back a full 9 months to March 13th 2020.

While changes like these can sometimes mean disaster behind the scenes, this can be seen as a smart move.  Alita: Battle Angel in its previous release date was releasing during a very crowded December period against Warner Brothers’ Aquaman, Paramount’s Bumblebee, Sony’s comedy Holmes and Watson and Universal’s Welcome to Marwen.  There is only so much box office money that can be squeezed out of one weekend and Alita going up against these movies was guaranteed to not make as much money as it could in a different weekend. So the move was smart.

As far as Gambit being pushed, it was a good idea as well.  Even though the project was set to come out in just 9 months from now, there reportedly is still now set script for the project, and filming has not even begun. There was no way the movie was going to make a release date of June 7th.  So moving Dark Phoenix into Gambit‘s slot, and pushing the release to March of 2020 gives the project more time to breath.

What do you think of these changes?  Are you disappointed?  Was it a smart choice?  Leave a comment below and lets make a discussion about it.

Gambit Still Looking For a Director

The upcoming Gambit movie is slowly coming together after it’s original director Rupert Wyatt left the project last month due to “creative differences”.  However, these “creative differences” haven’t stopped Fox from pushing on with sourcing his replacement for the stand-alone X-Men film. Channing Tatum, who will be staring as the card throwing cajun, recently threw Doug Liman‘s (Edge of Tomorrow) name into the hat.  However,  if this new report from Heroic Hollywood is accurate then Liman may not be the only director that Fox is looking at.

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