‘Division 19’ Review

Division 19 is a science fiction/thriller written and directed by S.A. Halewood and set in an apocalyptic future where prisons have been turned into online entertainment. Subtribes to the system vote on what felons can eat, watch, wear and who they fight in the prison. However, when the world’s most watched felon escapes, the authorities scramble to bring back their most valuable asset for the grand opening of their new prison system.

Division 19 stars in the leading roles Linus Roache, from 2018’s brutally brilliant Mandy, and Alison Doody, from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. These two are far and beyond the best part of the entire film. Both of the characters they portray are very believable in their attempts to capture the escaped convict, Hardin Jones. Unfortunately, the movie fails in most other aspects of basic film making. Continue reading “‘Division 19’ Review”