Q&A: Adamantim Bullet

This is the first Q&A question for Reel Movie News!  I have gathered a bunch of questions and will be answering them here.  They can be anything in regards to movie related topics.  If you would like your question answered you can send it in on my Facebook Page, or email me at moviereelnews@gmail.com

Once a week I will take a few questions and answer them.  If you do not see your question one week I will eventually get to it.

And without any further ado, let’s get the very first question which comes from Bethany Lopez who wrights:

Ok, so in Wolverine Origin, how could he survive a special bullet to the head? I feel like if he was shot and he was actually presumed dead he should BE dead. I know he’s next to immortal, but he freaking died!

Adamantium bullet

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