‘Lobo’ film is on the way and may have a director!

Ever since the release of Man of Steel back in 2013 many DC fans have been clamoring for a movie centralized around Lobo, a crude, loudmouthed intergalactic bounty hunter.  It looks like they are going to get their wish! However, their director choice may stir up some controversy.

According to a story put out by The Wrap, Transformers director Michael Bay is being eyed to help the project.  This would be Bay’s first superhero movie.

For the most part the internet has reacted negatively to Bay’s involvement once this news was released.  The director has created good to great films in the past such as The Rock, Armageddon, and 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. However, the stench of the Transformers franchise is all fans can think about.  Those films do make money, but are consistently critically panned, and have gradually become detested by audiences with each installment.

As of now Warner Brothers has not confirmed The Wrap’s story, but the film does fall within the director’s wheelhouse, so it’s probably true.

As of now the Lobo film does not yet have a release date.

January 15-17 Box Office Results

In a surprising turn of events, the Buddy-Cop Comedy sequel to the 2014 film, Ride Along, staring Ice Cube and Kevin Heart, unseated Star Wars: The Force Awakens from its spot as Number 1 in the weekend box office for the first time since the film’s release back in December 18th, 2015.

This is no doubt due to Ride Along 2‘s relentlessness during the last few weeks of advertising leading up to the movie’s release.  You couldn’t turn on a TV program or watch a YouTube clip without seeing a trailer for it.  Also, the film’s 2014 predecessor was considered a success – making $155 Million on a budget of only $25 Million.

Other than the surprise of having Ride Along 2 take first place for this weekend’s box office, nothing else comes as too much of a surprise.  Check out the top 5 places of the January 15-17 box office below.

No 1. Ride Along 2 – $35,320,000 opening weekend.

No 2. The Revenant – $31,800,000. Bringing Total gross in 4th weekend to $89,974,769.

No 3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – $26,377,000.  Bringing Total gross in 5th weekend to $852,309,841.

No 4. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi – $16,218,000 opening weekend.

No 5. Daddy’s Home – $9,543,000. Bringing total gross in 4th weekend to $129,499,102.

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