Christopher Nolan’s Next Film May Star Robert Pattinson

Christopher Nolan is one of Hollywood’s most admired directors working today and everyone is looking forward to finding out what he will be tackling next.  The Dark Knight and Inception director has been dropping small nuggets about his upcoming film set to be released next summer, and it looks like we may have our two lead actors.

According to a report by Collider, Twilight and Good Time actor Robert Pattinson may be staring opposite confirmed BlacKkKlansman actor John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s son).

While many would shrug off Pattinson as just “the Twilight guy,” if you have seen any of his other indie films you would know that that is an unfair comparison.  Since staring in the Twilight series Pattinson has received lots of critical praise in films like Good Time, High Life, and The Rover. While these have not been big blockbuster films, they have helped him to grow as an actor and should be absolutely trusted to carry this Nolan film.

Little is still known about the film.  One rumor arose two months ago claiming that the upcoming Nolan film would be some sort of romantic comedy, however it was quickly shot down by Warner Bros.  At the moment Variety is speculating that the movie could be “a massive, innovative action blockbuster” mean to be seen in IMAX.

The untitled Christopher Nolan film should go into full production very soon. The film has a release date of July 17, 2020 and if its going to that date then they need to get moving.  Expect more casting news coming up as well as possible titles and plot synopsis.

What do you think of Robert Pattinson being put in a Christopher Nolan film?  Leave a comment below and let’s make a discussion out of it.


Author: Kylan Riley

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