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It has been 40 years since multiple teens were killed, and Lauri Strode fought for her life against The Boogeyman, The Shape, aka Michael Myers.  It is now Halloween of 2018 and Michael Myers is back to reek havoc in the quite town of Haddonfield, where Lauri (Jamie Lee Curtis) has lived a recluse and paranoid life in preparation for this moment.

This slasher movie is a direct sequel to the 1978 film of the same name. Forget every Halloween movie that has come out after the first one, they don’t count. Which is not a bad thing, even devout fans of the Halloween franchise will admit that many of the films are absolute garbage.  So that means that there is a very low bar set for making a “good” Halloween movie, and this movie succeeds in just that.  It’s not perfect, it’s not even great, but if you are a fan of Halloween or you just want to see a decent slasher movie because it is the season for thrills and chills, then this movie is enough to satisfy your itch.

I am not the biggest fan of the franchise, however, I can respect and admire the first movie for being the grandfather of the slasher genera and this film pays big homage to its predecessor in a very positive way.  You can tell that this film is made by fans of the franchise.

Director David Gordon Green smartly uses similar tricks and echoes that made the first movie the cult classic that it is.  There are specific scenes in the movie that are shot for shot callbacks to events from the first movie, but instead of Michael Myers, they use Lauri Strode.  Brilliantly illustrating that even though Lauri is the victim and heroine of the franchise, she is damaged.  Laurie and Michael have become two sides of the same coin.

Jamie Lee Curtis is brilliant in this movie, perfectly portraying someone who is strong yet damaged and longing for the torment that she has felt for 40 years to finally be over.  This is absolutely a breath of fresh air for this franchise, because lets be honest, she doesn’t deserve any kind of acting awards for the first movie.  She has come a long way as an actress since 1978, and deserves high praise for her performance in this film.

This movie is very brutal in its killing, something that the first Halloween did not do.  Gordon Green does not shy away from showing the blood and carnage that is left in the wake of Michael Myers stalking his prey.  While some may be offended by this change, I am not.  The brutal killings go even further to show just how much of a heartless monster Michael Myers is – that he is the true embodiment of the Boogeyman.

Now, this seems like a lot of praise for this movie, but I have to say there are some definite drawbacks.

Just like the first movie, Halloween takes forever to get things started.  I found myself wanting to check the time at several points for the first 30 to 40 minutes of the movie before things finally started to get bloody.  This tactic may have worked in the 70’s, but horror movies have changed a lot since then and audiences, including myself, have become accustomed to faster paced horror.  So getting something that takes this long to start really seems like a drag.

There are also a few plot points, twist in particular,  that I question the director and screen writers for.  Unfortunately , I can’t go into them without spoiling anything, but they really took me out of the film as I was asking myself “why would they do that?”  There is even one plot line that he film makers just forgot to wrap up entirely involving the boyfriend of Lauri Strode’s granddaughter.  If you see the movie you will notice it too, its pretty obvious that they forgot about one of their side characters that was being explored for the first half of the movie.

Overall, if you like Halloween movies, then you will like this one.  There are many things for fans to latch on to and many things for new fans to love.  It’s not the greatest horror movie of all time, in fact it’s not even the greatest horror movie this year.  But for a fun stabby slashy movie it works.  There are absolutely some drawbacks – but what slasher movie is perfect?

I’m going to give 2018’s Halloween, the sequel to 1978’s Halloween, a 7/10. Great kills, great thrills, but not a perfect film.

What did you think of Halloween?  Did you see the first movie, or is this the first one for you?  Leave a comment below and let’s make a discussion about it.

Author: Kylan Riley

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