We Finally Have Movement on the ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

Its been just over two years since the Suicide Squad  movie hit theaters back in August of 2016, and the landscape at Warner Bros. has changed a lot since then.  With announcements of movie cancellations, “mustache gate,” the constant revolving door of directors coming and going off The Flash, and the still constant questioning on if we have a Batman or not – it has been really iffy on if we would actually get a Suicide Squad 2.  However, it looks like there might actually be some movement on the project.

Todd Stashwick, the co-writer on Suicide Squad 2, recently said in an interview with Discussing Film:

We have finished our draft and I’m really proud of it… It’s a sequel to the first film.  Again, I can’t say anything else.  Our intention is to tell an exciting story, deepening these characters.”

The key quote here is “We have finished our draft.”  They have turned in an actual script.  This is something that a lot of people, including myself, never thought would happen.

At this time, there are three movies that DC fans can look forward to, Aquaman, Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 1984.  It is safe to assume that if these movies are a success then the script for Suicide Squad 2 will be greenlit and production will start very soon.  However, if they fail at the box office or critically, then this may be the last bit of news we get on a new Suicide Squad movie.



Author: Kylan Riley

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