Bond 25 has its new director

Just a few weeks ago news dropped that director Danny Boyle had dropped out of directing the newest iteration of James Bond.  According to reports at the time Boyle dropped out of the project due to creative differences.  Questions began to immerge about if Eon Productions and MGM would be able to keep their filming date of March 2019, in order to make a release of February 14, 2020 due to their loss of director.

Well, according to a report form Deadline, James Bond 25 has their new director in the critically acclaimed, Cary Joji Fukunaga.

With the newly hired Fukunaga, it looks like 007 may be able to stay on track for its projected release date.  It is rumored that this shall be Daniel Craig’s last outing as the special agent, and Fukunaga is an excellent choice to direct the actor in his last outing as James Bond.

Author: Kylan Riley

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    1. So far there has not been an actress named for the “Bond Girl” role, however a casting call was made back in mid July for a Female Leading Role. Someone who is age 30-45, Russian (but must speak fluent English), and must have “stage combat skills.” So with those requirements…who would you cast?

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