A ‘Call of Duty’ movie is coming and we may have a director!

Did you know there has been a movie based on the Call of Duty video game franchise in the works for over a year? I didn’t. But there is!

Hollywood has yet to create a movie based on a video game that has had any success, but that won’t keep them from trying again and again. Activision Blizzard Studios, a film division of the video game developer Activision Blizzard, has a director in their sites for a Call of Duty movie.

According to a report by Variety sources have told them that Stefano Sollima, the current director on Sicario 2: Soldado that will be released June 29 of this year, is in negotiations to direct an adaptation of the video game.

It is also rumored that Activision Blizzard Studios is looking to make a movie franchise that rivals Marvel or DC by drawing in different incarnations of the games into one shared movie universe. The Call of Duty video game franchise takes place in eras spanning from World War II all the way to year 2054.  It is unknown at this time in what era the first movie will take place.  But is not out of the realm of possibility that if they do successfully build a franchise around this that they jump around their established timeline while making subtle ties to each individual movie.

At this time there is no announced cast, or release date.  But if they manage to lock down Sollima, expect casting to come soon with a release date to soon follow.

What do you think of this Call of Duty movie and possible franchise?  Are you a fan of the games?  Will we finally get a good video game based movie with this movie?  Leave your comments below, and we can make a discussion out of it.

Author: Kylan Riley

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