‘The Shining’ is getting a sequel!

If you are a fan of Stephen King, then its time wake from your slumber! According to a report by Deadline, Warner Bros. has just launched development on King’s 2013 horror novel “Doctor Sleep,” a sequel to his 1977 iconic story, “The Shining.”

Warner Bros. has hired Mike Flanagan, who directed Oculus, to write the script and direct the sequel to the acclaimed novel. This is not Flanagan’s first outing with a Stephen King property. Back in 2017 he worked on Netflix’s adaptation of King’s Gerald’s Game, which opened to moderate success on the streaming platform.

The green-lighting of this project is not a surprise, because Stephen King movies are the new craze. Warner Bros. saw a very strong performance last year from adapting King’s “IT,” to the big screen with the same name. Brining in over $700 million worldwide on the shoestring budget of $35 million. A sequel is scheduled for release in September of 2019.

Regarding Doctor Sleep, it is unknown at this moment if the movie is going to be a pure adaptation of the “Doctor Sleep” novel, or if it will be more of a sequel to the 1980’s Stanley Kubrick adaptation of The Shining. Those who have read “The Shining” know that the Kubrick film is a very loose adaptation of the novel. The book focuses on the Torrance family’s experiences during their stay at the Overlook Hotel and the trauma that each character experiences. While in Kubrick’s film there are key plot points removed from the story, and the narrative follows Jack Nicholson’s character, Jack Torrance’s, decent into madness as his family watches helplessly from the sidelines. The two stories are almost completely different.

So, this begs the questions – will the film follow a closer adaptation of Stephen King’s “Doctor Sleep” than The Shining did? Or is this adaptation of the book going to be a continuation of events that happened in Kubrick’s The Shining, making it a direct sequel to the movie, and less of a true adaptation of the “Doctor Sleep” book? Or will Flanagan be able to find a middle ground between the two?

All these questions and more should be answered within the coming months.

The film as of now does not have a release date but will probably get one very soon.

What do you think of this news? Are you a fan of the Steven King books that these films are based on? Which way do you think Warner Bros. and Mike Flanagan will take the narrative in Doctor Sleep? Leave a comment below, and we can make a discussion out of it.

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