‘Baby Driver’ Review – A stylish and original mob movie

Baby Driver is a stylish and completely original mob movie that is a welcoming breath of fresh air within a summer movie season that has been just okay so far.  The film follows Baby, a get-away driver who has been coerced into working for a crime boss and must pull off daring escapes from impossible heists.  However, he is looking for his chance to leave the life behind and just when he thinks he has a plan, things get really crazy really fast.

Director and writer Edgar Wright brings a specific style of direction that only he can bring to a film, and it works perfectly for Baby Driver.  The movie is full of great car chases, top acting, crazy and colorful characters, and awesome music.  There are very few movies out there where only a specific director could tell a particular story, but in this case Wright is the only director that could have pulled this off.  Only Edgar Wright could have selected the music heard throughout the nearly two-hour long runtime and accompanied it with all the action, character moments, and humor in the movie.  The movie can almost be classified as a musical because of how the music is written into he script, and complements everything the characters are doing. 

I must mention the visuals again, because they are awesome.  The car chase scenes are brilliantly shot, along with the rest of the movie.  Even in scenes where Baby is just sitting in a diner talking the camera work is beautiful, and it adds to the experience of the movie.

Ansel Elgort is extremely charming as the get-away driver Baby, and he does an excellent job of portraying the good-hearted outlaw at a crossroads in his life.  What is even more impressive is how he portrays a character that doesn’t say much.  Most of his acting is done with just body language as everyone around him does all the necessary talking.

Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, John Hamm, and Lily James also stand out for their performances.  Each actor brings very different personalities that shine and make each one of their characters likeable.  Lily James is magnetic and cute, Kevin Spacey is cold and calculating, John Hamm is the charming thief, and Jamie Foxx is off the walls crazy.  Each one of them play’s a specific role in driving the plot, and each one of them pulls it off brilliantly.

The one and only “negative” that can be given to Baby Driver is that the middle does slow down a bit in the middle and continues at that slow pace for a little too long.  If the movie had been made just 10 minutes shorter by cutting out a few scenes in the middle it would have tightened up the story and made the pacing perfect.

This in no way ruins the movie.  It is a very small nitpick on a very solid movie with a great cast, great direction, and great story.  I would recommend this film to anybody who is looking for good time at the movie theater this weekend.

I’m going to give Baby Driver a 4.5/5.  Absolutely go see this film, I cannot recommend it enough.

Have you seen Baby Driver yet? What did you think?  What is your favorite Edgar Wright movie?  Leave a comment below and we can make a discussion out of it.

Author: Kylan Riley

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    1. I agree! Very rarely can I say my most anticipated movie of the year lived up to my expectations. I’ve seen the movie twice now, and will probably see it one more time before it leaves theaters.

      1. Same here! Already been to see it twice and planning to go a third time this weekend. The details are amazing, so many little things I missed the first time around.

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