March 24-26 Box Office Results!

Summer is not yet here, but this past weekend is already showing “summer blockbuster” type numbers.  Beauty and the Beast was able to surpass expectations for its second weekend of release, and the newly released Power Rangers managed to blow past the estimated projections as well.

After just having been out for two weeks Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast managed to have an opening just exceeding $90 Million.  Most movies would love to have that number as their opening weekend, not to mention its second. The fact that this movie could make this kind of money, with just less than a 50% drop from its opening weekend, goes to show why Disney will continue to release more live action movies based off their beloved animated properties.   However, Disney is not the only studio to have an impressive show at the box office.

Lionsgate’s Power Rangers managed to beat expectations that predicted the film would only make $30 Million.  But is was able to successfully make just over $40 Million, showing that the Power Ranger brand is still strong, and that fans will come out and support their beloved franchise.  It was rumored that Lionsgate was planning on making six more Power Ranger films, and while these numbers support the ability to make a sequel, it may not be enough to justify a seven-film franchise.

Check out how the rest of the films faired in the top spots below!

No 1. Beauty and the Beast – $90,426,717.  Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $319,032,604.

No 2. Power Rangers – $40,300,288 in its first weekend of release.

No 3. Kong: Skull Island – $14,670,653.  Bringing its total gross in its 3rd weekend to $133,502,238.

No 4. Life – $12,501,936 in its first weekend of release.

No 5. Logan$10,334,390.  Bringing its total gross in its 4th weekend to 201,455,596.

While Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers managed to defy expectations, and Kong: Skull Island as well as Logan continued to draw in decent crowds for films having been out for more than two weeks there was one film that did not fare so well.

Life, the sci-fi/thriller/horror starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, and Ryan Rynolds was only able to bring in just over $12.5 Million for its opening weekend.  For an original film that has a decent critical response as well as decent word of mouth from audiences undeniably underperformed.  Due to decent trailers and a well-known cast most predicted the film to make at least $20 Million.

One has to wonder if Life, a sci-fi/thriller/horror movie, only managed these kind of numbers is the new Alien: Covenant, a sci-fi/thriller/horror movie, in trouble when its released on May 19th of this year?  Or is it because the new Alien movie is based off an already existing franchise will audiences come out to support the already established brand?  Similar to how all the successful movies in this weekend’s box office report are movies based off an already established brand.

What do you think of this weekend’s box office numbers?  What did you see this weekend?  Or maybe you did make it out to the theater, what are you looking forward to seeing?  Leave a comment below – let’s make a discussion out of it!

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