Warner Bros. is looking at Mathew Vaughn to Direct ‘Man of Steel 2’

Something we haven’t heard a lot about lately from Warner Bros. is their plans to make a Man of Steel sequel.  While one was announced a few months back, there is still no release date and still no casting news or plot details.  After what seems like months of no talk at all, the silence has been broken.

Per a report put out by Collider, Mathew Vaughn is currently the studio’s top choice to direct Man of Steel 2, and preliminary conversations about Vaughn’s directing positions have taken place.  If you are not familiar with the director, his best-known work is directing critically successful, action packed movies like Kingsman: The Secret Service, X-Men: First Class, and Kick-Ass.

The report is quick to point out that Vaughn is not yet signed on as the director, and could very well end up not directing the project.  However, Warner Bros. is still showing interest in Vaughn and will probably want him to helm other superhero movies tied to the DC movie universe should he not end up the director of the Man of Steel sequel. 

My opinion – this is outstanding.  They could not be looking at a better director to helm Man of Steel 2.  His resume speaks for itself.  He makes great action movies, he makes great character transitions from comic-book pages to the big screen, and all of his films are stunning to look at.

In the same Collider article, they call back to a quote that Vaughn made back in 2010 when reports rose that he and Kick-Ass comic writer Mark Millar had pitched a Superman movie to Warner Bros.  In the quote, we may get a hint at what a Man of Steel 2 movie would look like under his direction.  When asked if he would like to have a darker toned Superman movie he answers:

“I think that’s the one thing not do to with Superman, trying to do the serious The Dark Knight version.  Superman is about color and fun, or it should be, for me.”

When considering his take on Superman, as well as looking at his previously directed projects, how could you not get excited?  If you are a huge fan of Sups then you should be excited.  In the hands of a director like Mathew Vaughn there will be vibrant colors on screen, great action set pieces, awesome character development, with fun and engaging story.  If the day comes that Vaughn is announced as the official director, then things are starting to look up for the DCEU.

What do you think of this report? Are you a fan of Mathew Vaughn or the Man of Steel? Leave a comment below, and let’s make a discussion out of it.

Author: Kylan Riley

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