Finally, Some Casting News For ‘Deadpool 2’!

Something that has been driving people on the internet crazy for nearly a year now is not knowing when the release date is for Deadpool 2.  We don’t even have a confirmed filming start date for the project, but that hasn’t stopped news and rumors from trickling in; quenching the thirst of anxious Deadpool fans awaiting any kind of update on the project.

Well now we have something! Zazie Beetz, known for her performance in the hit 2016 show Atlanta, has been announced to be playing Domino, a Mutant with the curious ability to manipulate her luck in any situation so that it works out in her favor.  Her abilities paired with Ryan Rynolds’ Deadpool is sure to make for some great laughs.

This announcement was not given in the usual press conference or interview that most casting news seems to come from – but is it really a shock that a Deadpool project would be handled unconventionally?

This is how the announcement went down, starting with a tweet from The Tracking Board’s Jeff Sneider:

After his tweet went out Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool himself) confirmed the rumor with his own tweet:

This announcement shows two things; not only does it confirm a new character in Deadpool 2 while also giving us the actress playing said character, but it also shows that the marketing push for this project is going to be as unconventional as it was for the first Deadpool.  Some have said that the marketing was as good as the film itself – something I’m sure many are looking forward to again.

Now, for those who need a brief rundown of Domino, a.k.a Neena Thurman, she first appeared in the “X-Force” comics back in 1992 before landing her own title series in 2003.  The black-haired beauty, as already stated, manipulates situations unfolding around her so that they randomly work in her favor.  This happens randomly because it manifests without her consciously controlling it, creating a “Domino effect” of good luck.

This sounds perfect for the Deadpool sequel!  Her mutant ability could make the Merc with the Mouth even more of a sure shot.  She could also have the opposite affect, her good luck could mean disastrously bad luck for him.  Imagine the comedic possibilities!

What do you think of this casting choice?  Are you a fan of Domino?  Leave a comment below we can make it a discussion!

Author: Kylan Riley

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