Tom Cruise Halts Production on ‘Mission: Impossible 6’ Due To Pay Dispute

Things have been getting off to a pretty rocky start for the next film in the Mission: Impossible franchise. A little over a month ago the film was falling apart due to script issues – and while those problems seem to have been alleviated, the film now has a new problem.

According to sources from The Hollywood Reporter, there are currently disputes between Tom Cruise and Paramount Pictures over the leading actor’s salary.

In the article, The Hollywood Reporter claims that the issue is that Cruise wants more money in order to match or exceed the pay he is receiving from Universal Pictures for his staring role in their The Mummy, which is currently shooting in London.

Paramount had announced that they were setting Mission: Impossible 6 for a late 2017 release date.  However, if problems persist the film could be pushed back.

I can imagine Paramount and Cruise will come to an agreement very soon. More than likely the actor will get exactly what he wants, or at least close to it due to his many responsibilities on the film.

Overall the Mission: Impossible franchise has grossed a total of $1,312,744,100 worldwide.  Making it one of Paramount’s most successful franchises.  They can’t afford to not have this franchise continue, and keep Cruise happy.

Cruise also puts in more work on these films than your average staring actor.  Not only has he carried this franchise on his shoulders for 20 years and performed all of his own stunts, he is also one of the main producers for the films dating all the way back to the first Mission: Impossible in 1996.

If Paramount is smart, they will probably do what they need to in order to keep Cruise happy so they can get the film back on schedule.

What do you think of this pay dispute? Should Cruise get what he wants, or should he not demand more money and backend deals?

Author: Kylan Riley

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