August 5-7 Box Office Results

Another weekend gone, another list of Box Office Results!

Finally making its way into theaters this past weekend was the highly anticipated Suicide Squad! And surprise, surprise it broke the box office record as the highest grossing film in its opening weekend for month of August – dispite having a lot of negative word of mouth from critis who saw early screenings of the film.

In not so great news after looking at the results, it looks like Star Trek Beyond is in big financial trouble.  In just third weekend the film has made a total of $128 Million in the U.S, and has a reported budget of $185 Million.  The budget does not already take into account the millions spent on an advertising campaign.  At this point it is not too unlikely the film is going to loose money after it has finished its run in theaters.  If this is the case either Paramount will have to really rethink their next film strategy, or this may be the last Star Trek movie in the current franchise.

Check out the rest of the results below!

No 1. Suicide Squad $133,682,248 in its first weekend of release.

No 2. Jason Bourne $22,405,125.  Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $103,111,145.

No 3. Bad Moms $14,004,006.  Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $50,850,836.

No 4. The Secret Life of Pets $11,500,590.  Bringing its total gross in its 5th weekend to $319,519,370.

No 5. Star Trek Beyond – $10,036,030.  Bringing its total gross in its 3rd weekend to $127,737,394.

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