June 24-26 Box Office Results

You smell that?

Its the smell of Independence Day: Resurgence bombing at U.S. Box Office this weekend; and it is warranted.  Early reviews showed that the film was not well liked, and once word of mouth got out that the film was no where near as good as the first nobody went out to see the movie.

On the other hand it looks like audiences had no problem finding a theater where they could watch Finding Dory for its second weekend of release.  The film in just the second weekend is only $100 million away from making what its predecessor, Finding Nemo, did during its entire run in U.S theaters.

You can see specifics on the results of this past weekend’s box offices results below!

No 1. Finding Dory – $72,959,954. Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $286,277,856.

No 2. Independence Day: Resurgence $41,039,944 in its first weekend of release.

No 3. Central Intelligence – $18,241,416. Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $69,173,874.

No 4. The Shallows $16,800,868 in its first weekend of release.

No 5. The Conjuring 2 – $7,702,194. Bringing its total gross in its 3rd weekend to $86,903,628.

Author: Kylan Riley

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