An ‘Alice in Wonderland/Peter Pan’ Prequel? What?!?

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t read it.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Director of the Academy-Award Winning animated film Brave, Brenda Chapman, will be making her live-action directorial debut with Come Away.  A film that is set as a prequel to “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan.”

Just for clarification, this is not the Alice I Wonderland or Peter Pan Disney versions; but the versions based off of Lewis Carroll‘s 1865 published book “Alice in Wonderland” and J.M. Barries first Peter Pan appearance in 1902 novel “The White Bird.”

Come Away is from Marissa Kate Doodhill‘s written script that deals with Alice and Peter being brother and sister who have to deal with their older brother perishing in an accident and their parents’ despair over the tragedy – leading them ultimately to journey to Wonderalnd for Alice and Neverland for Peter.

This seems really weird.  However, Chapman seems to think differently.

“I had never really considered directing live-action – animation has always been my genre,” Chapman said.  “But when I read Marissa’s fantastical script, I felt that little tingly feeling run up my spine.  I thought, ‘Wow! I’ve changed my mind.  I want to do this!’.”

I’m glad to Chapman is excited to be doing her first live-action project. However, I’m not yet convinced.  I heard someone say once, “I like mashed potatoes, and I like ice cream – but I wouldn’t like them together.”  I have to say this situation fits that perfectly.


Author: Kylan Riley

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