May 6-8 Box Office Results

Another Marvel movie, another Box Office smash.

Disney should really be happy with this past weekends results.  The long awaited Captain America: Civil War finally hit theaters this weekend at it crushed at the Box Office becoming the 5th biggest domestic box office opening movie of all time.  Of course this is also not going to surprise anybody who has been aware of the release of this movie for the past 2 years.  Also The Jungle Book moved down 2nd place, meaning that Disney has been able to keep one of their movies at the top of the charts for 4 weekends in a row with 2 different movies.  And they are showing no signs of slowing down in the next weekend. Check out the rest of the results below!

No 1. Captain America: Civil War $179,139,142 in its first weekend of release.

No 2. The Jungle Book$24,488,436. Bringing its total gross in its 4th weekend to $287,600,701.

No 3. Mother’s Day – $11,087,076. Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $22,806,766.

No 4. The Huntsman: Winter’s War $3,948,835. Bringing its total gross in its 3rd weekend to $40,732,455

No 5. Keanu – $3,287,484. Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $15,308,421

The biggest disappointment of the weekend of the weekend as you can see goes to The Huntsman: Winter’s War.  The film in its 3rd weekend has only just passed the 40 Million Dollar mark and it has a reported budget of up to $115 million.  That is not good.

The results of Keanu and Mother’s Day are of no surprise.  Keanu was not widely distributed and was not widely marketed so the fact that it stayed in the top 5 for its second weekend is actually impressive.  And Mother’s Day opening on Mother’s Day Weekend of course was going to make some money and make it into the top 5.  Its numbers are not that impressive, but no unexpected.  Who was actually excited to see that film?

Looking at the releases for the upcoming weekend I have no doubt that Captain America: Civil War will be in any danger of being unseated as the number 1 movie.  The biggest movie coming out is the George Clooney, Julia Roberts crime/drama, Money Monster. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry  Its not a film that most people would say is their “most anticipated 2016 movie.”  While I will be seeing it, I doubt it has a chance against Captain America. But I guess we shall see in a few days.

Author: Kylan Riley

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