A ‘Pokémon’ Live Action Movie Is Coming!

Guys!  It looks as if there is actually going to be a live action Pokémon movie.  Yes there have been fan-made trailers for one I the past, and yes there have been rumors floating around the internet for several years about this very subject.  But those were based on fictions reports, and speculator rumors.  This, however, is the real deal!

According to The Hollywood Reporter there is currently there is a bidding war going on for the rights to make a live action Pokémon movie and currently it looks like Legendary Pictures may walk away with it as their new franchise.  Other companies such as Sony and Warner Bros. are competing for the rights as well, however at this time it does not look promising for them.

If you do not know Legendary Pictures is a production company that has been in charge of films such as the 2014’s Godzilla, 300: Rise of an Empire, Pacific Rim, and the soon to be release Warcraft just to name a few.  So if they do acquire these rights then it seems like a property that would fit well within their wheelhouse.

The other thing interesting here is that Warner Bros. has actually had a history of supporting the Pokémon anime movies here in the U.S. However, at this time Legendary’s involvement in trying to get a live action seems to trump Warner Bros.

Whatever the result is, one thing is for certain; Pokémon fans are bound to be excited for their live action movie, and fans of Nintendo should rejoice as well because if this becomes a success then you can bet that there will be a slew of other live action Nintendo game movies.  Maybe even a Legend of Zelda movie?

Author: Kylan Riley

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