When looking at the top 5 of this weekend’s box office it’s no surprise at all to see that The Jungle Book was able to take the number 1 place on the list. The anticipation was high, the marketing for the movie was spot on, and early, positive, word of mouth was circulating about the film before its release. However, what follows after the number 1 spot is quite noteworthy.

The most glaring, a hilarious, placement was that of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I was expecting a drop between weeks 3 and 4, but not a 61% drop. That’s honestly laughable for this movie. I never would have expected The Boss to be able to overtake Batman v. Superman at the box office.

However, it’s not at all surprising to see The Barbershop: The Next Cut in the top 5 due to a very strong fan base following of The Barbershop movies. And it definitely deserves to be placed higher than The Boss, so no surprise here. Also, the fact that Zootopia has been able to hang in the top 5 consistently for 7 weeks in a row is amazing. And looking at what is coming out this coming weekend I am predicting that it stays in the top 5 for one more weekend.

No 1. The Jungle Book$103,261,464 for its first weekend of release.

No 2. Barbershop: The Next Cut$20,242,415 for its first weekend of release

No 3. The Boss – $9,958,855. Bringing its total gross in its 2nd weekend to $40,140,765.

No 4. Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice$9,028,356. Bringing its total gross in its 4th weekend to $311,330,086.

No 5. Zootopia – $8,142,641. Bringing its total gross in its 7th weekend to $307,386,397.

Author: Kylan Riley

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