Q&A: ‘Finding Dory’ vs ‘Finding Nemo’

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This question comes in by Kasin Riley who writes:

How do you feel the movie, “Finding Dory” will compare with the previous movie, “Finding Nemo” as far as successfulness?

Thank you very much for the question Kasin!

Before I answer that I want to lay down a couple of valid points.

(1.) When Finding Nemo came out in 2003 it had a production budget of $94 Million.  It made at the worldwide box office a total of $936,743,261! Finding Dory‘s production budget has yet to be announced, but it is a safe assumption that it’s close to its predecessor.

(2.) Finding Nemo did not come out in 3D, while Finding Dory (while not yet announced) will probably be shown in 3D.  It is a missed opportunity if they didn’t do that.

(3.) Everyone from the original cast are reprising their rolls in Finding Dory.

(4.) Finding Dory‘s only competition during its June 17 release date is Central Intelligence, of which, I do not expect much from.

Finding Dory

Taking all of those points onto consideration I believe that Finding Dory is going to pass Finding Nemo as far as box office success.

Whether or not it will beat it critically is too early to tell.

However, it will definitely surpass Finding Nemo at the box office.

Everyone from the original cast that made Finding Nemo as great as it was is returning.  Meaning that all of our beloved characters will be there, just as we remember them.  The upcoming movie has no competition to take money away from it at the box office.  Finding Dory has higher valued tickets in its 3D sales over its predecessor, and will probably have nearly the same production value.  All of that equates to more of a return in the film’s investment.

Also, Fining Nemo came out 13 years ago.  A safe assumption is that a decent majority of everyone who saw the first film will be seeing the sequel.  Another safe assumption is that a good majority of the people who saw it young have already started their own families and will be bringing them along too.  So it has an even greater audience to reach.

So out of the two films; I think that Finding Dory will have the bigger financial success.

Thanks again, Kasin, for the question. And remember that when life gets you down you need to “Just keep swimming. Just keep Swimming…”

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: ‘Finding Dory’ vs ‘Finding Nemo’”

  1. I do feel that Findings Nemo should have been the end of the story, however, I do feel that you are right and everyone will want to go see it.

    1. Of course I’m right! I kind of have the same sentiments as you. I personally don’t think we should get a “Finding Nemo” sequel before an “Incredibles” sequel. However, if the story is written well, and the movie is as well liked as the first then at that point there is no reason it should not have been made

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