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And without any further ado, let’s get the very first question which comes from Bethany Lopez who wrights:

Ok, so in Wolverine Origin, how could he survive a special bullet to the head? I feel like if he was shot and he was actually presumed dead he should BE dead. I know he’s next to immortal, but he freaking died!

Adamantium bullet

It’s a fair question. The business answer to this is that Wolverine is one of the most popular comic book characters that Fox owns, and killing him would be a terrible financial decision on their part because they wouldn’t be able to crank out more movies with the Wolverine Character.  It also wouldn’t flow with continuity because X-Men Origins: Wolverine takes place before the events of the 2000 film X-Men – where Wolverine is very much alive.  So the writers just wrote that he would lose his memory, instead of killing him off.

The nerdy answer to this question is that Wolverine in the comic books, which the movie is loosely based on, has such a fast healing factor that he begins healing before any life threatening – life threatening to him anyway – damage can set in.  In of the Ultimate series he survives a freakin’ nuclear blast that leaves only his skeleton.  So they actually stayed true to the character of Wolverine by not making him die.

Adamantium bullet nuke

Now I’m going to rant about this scene for a bit because it is just one of the many lazy scenes in this movie that I have a problem with.  The Adamantium bullet is nothing more than a very bad plot device used to explain how he lost his memory leading up the events that take place later in the X-Men timeline.  It makes no physical sense that the bullet would even reach his brain.  Yes, it was made of the same metal.  But follow this line of reason.

The skeleton of Wolverine is laced with Adamantium.  Meaning that the layer of metal under his skin is as thick of that of a normal human skull – roughly a 1/4 of an inch thick.  Steel platting with that thickness, and placed at the natural curved angle of the human skull, would only allow the bullet to bounce off.  So it stands to reason that the same thing would apply to Adamantium.  So the most he could have suffered was a concussion.

The reason that they even used this in the first place was to have some kind of an explanation as to why he has no memory in X-Men.  Which is actually true to the comic, because he did suffer memory loss.  However, in the comics Wolverine loses his memory right after getting the Adamantium laced to his skeleton.  Due to the shear pain he goes into a berserker mode and kills nearly everyone there and brings down the entire building.  The shear pain causes him to have a mental break and he loses his memory of who he is.

Adamantium bullet tub

Now I understand why they couldn’t stick to that strict of an interpretation because the movie would end right there, and that would be kind of anti-climactic for a movie.  But instead they could have had him go into his berserker fit while fighting Deadpool (another terrible decision made by Fox in this movie).  It would have had more dramatic effect, it would have made sense (I mean a pillar of concrete and steel did come down on him), and it would have stayed more true to the character.

The film was flawed overall.  It had many problems, and the Adamantium bullet is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is one of the many reasons that I feel that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the weakest of the films.  I am very glad X-Men: Days of Future Past retconned the events of that movie.  In the X-Men film timeline, it is as if those events never happened.

Thank you very much for the question Bethany!

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