Finding Dory Trailer Finally Released

“When life gets you down do you wanna know what you’ve gotta do? Just keep swimming, swimming….”

Words to live by.  And there will no doubt be a lot of swimming in Finding Dory, the very highly anticipated upcoming sequel to the 2003 Oscar-winning animated film Finding Nemo.  Pixar finally released an official new trailer for Finding Dory today, giving us familiar faces in what is sure to be another epic adventure taking place out in the big blue. 

Marlin, Nemo, and of course Dory — the protagonists from the original movie — will make appearances in the new film, along with other familiar faces that you can probably spot in the trailer, which appeared on the YouTube channel for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (DeGeneres voices Dory in the film).

Finding Dory is scheduled for release in theaters in Australia on June 16, 2016, followed by the US on June 17 and the UK on July 29.

Who else is excited about this besides me?

Author: Kylan Riley

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