Spectre Early Reviews Seem Mixed

The next movie in the Daniel Craig led James Bond films, Spectre, is fast approaching its North American release date of November 6th.  However, the first press screening was held in London, and the initial reviews are making their ways onto the web.

Okay guys, all film reviews and ratings are based on human opinions. And this film seems to be getting mixed reviews, however, it seems that the overall average is leaning in a positive direction. While Yahoo Movies and The Playlist writer Oliver Lyttelton pretty much called it Quantum of Solace 2, Geoffrey MaCnab of The Independent wrote “Spectre is every bit the equal of its predecessor” but “struggles to reconcile its own internal contradictions” in the “latter stages.”

So MaCnab’s review isn’t bad.  Saying that something is “every bit the equal of [Skyfall]” is actually pretty decent praise.  But Lyttelton’s comment about Quantum of Solace – Ouch!  If someone compares you calls Quantum of Solace, its an insult.

But hey, there is pretty high praise as well.   Brian Viner of The Daily Mail wrote,

“From the exhilarating pre-credits sequence, against the backdrop of the Day of the Dead festival in Mexico City, to a spectacular denouement in the shadow of the Houses of Parliament, Spectre is a proper joyride of a James Bond film.”

And Robbie Collin of The Telegraph also gave praise by writing,

“It’s a swaggering show of confidence from returning director Sam Mendesand his brilliant cinematographer, Hoyte van Hoytema…”

When reading mixed reviews like this its always good to remember that when Skyfall came out it was hyped by everyone for being an amazing film, yet there were still some critics out there that did not like it at all.  I’m going to be honest, I just thought it okay, and not worth the hype that it got.  But, like other movie critics, that’s just my opinion.

So I will be putting these few negative reviews off to the side and am going to go into this movie, when it opens, with a clear mind.  I will be leaving all of my preconceived notions at the door, and make up my own mind about the movie when it comes out.  I’m willing to bet I enjoy it.  Everything about this film, including the trailer, up to this point seems so awesome!

Author: Kylan Riley

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